If you've got an iPhone or iPad you might like this......

I've just downloaded a great new ADHD self-assessment App for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from Dr Edward Hallowell, it's called ADHD Quiz

There's a short quiz for adults, plus a long quiz for both adults & children, plus lots of other useful information... it's only $1.99 or £1.49 so very reasonably priced too! Try it & let me know how you get on!

Here's the info from iTunes about it...

Adhd Do you think you or a loved one has ADHD? A coworker? A student in your class?

World renowned ADHD expert Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, child/adult psychiatrist, lecturer, past member of the Harvard Medical School faculty, and author of 18 books, brings you his easy to use application to help you determine if you or someone you love has ADHD. Dr. Hallowell helps you learn more about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with two self-assessment quizzes and helpful ADHD background, next steps, resources, and news.

Great for teachers and school counselors, too!

Adults and children living with untreated ADHD have trouble focusing, remembering things, and completing tasks once they begin. Often, they don’t realize there is anything they can do; they think it’s just the way they are and will always be.

If this sounds familiar; if your inability to concentrate is causing stress in your life; if your child has trouble completing tasks in school, score yourself with the two quizzes offered in this application. Only a qualified physician can diagnose you with ADHD, but the questions contained here may help you decide whether your issues are the result of normal life stress or a real medical condition.

* App based on the best selling book “Driven to Distraction," by Dr. Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey
* Self-assessment quizzes, two for adults and one for children
* A wealth of knowledge about ADHD: background information, next steps, and resources, all from ADHD expert Dr. Hallowell
* An ADHD news and information feed with regular updates from Dr. Hallowell

People are strange!

Check out this rendition of People are Strange by The Doors - (Neurodiverse People are Strange), It was created in dedication to Mary Colly, founder of DANDA & is intended to promote awareness of Neurodiversity. MindStyles that are given tags like ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc. Joseph Aquilina is a Singer Song Writer, Musician, Artist, Poet, Webdesigner, Dyslexia Specialist, Lecturer, Entrepeneur & campainer for awareness of neurodiversity as well as being ADHD & dyslexic. Forward this on to pass the Message.



ADHD & Me with Rory Bremner

Did you listen to Rory Bremner talking about his ADHD last night on Radio 4? I thought the programme was really good, well balanced & positive. It's still available to listen to on iPlayer so check it out & let me know what _42611465_bremner_203 you think! Click here to listen --->> ADHD & Me with Rory Bremner

He was also a guest on Radio 4 Woman's Hour yesterday afternoon & you can listen to that here -->> Woman's Hour with Rory Bremner discussing Adult ADHD




UK Adult ADHD Experiences Survey 2007

Sampa3ce586a7679c350I'm undertaking a anonymous survey into the experiences of adults with ADHD. Services in the UK are so limited & it really is "pot luck" as to what help (if any) adults are offered.  No names/email addresses/personal identifying data will be collected.

So if you are an adult with ADHD please spare a few minutes to complete the survey & also tell your ADHD friends about it!  Findings from the survey will be posted on the blog when it's closed.  Thank you :)

The survey is now closed. The results are currently being analysed & will be posted here shortly. Thank you everyone who took part in the survey, there were 100 of you & your input is very much appreciated.

Are you Procrastinating This Week?

Procrastination Did you know it is National Procrastination Week?....the week where the intention is to give ourselves permission to procrastinate & do nothing! Could this be happening to you much of the time by any chance? If you have ADHD it's quite likely that procrastination is a habit easily fallen into. It's something my individual coaching clients frequently need help with & which we work on together. Team work can make all the difference!
I think it's something we all do at times & for various reasons...sometimes it's to avoid something unpleasant, difficult or challenging. Other reasons can be not knowing where (or how) to start, or it can be an element of perfectionism.
Anyway, keep reading for some tips to get you going on your procrastination demons.......

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Fun & Games on a Monday Morning!

Suffolk_1I was interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk this morning about Adult ADHD. It was only a short item on Nick Pandolfi's show, but hopefully it raised more awareness & discussion. On searching the website it seems it can't be listened to online later.  I've noticed that there's more media interest in the adult side of things nowadays........  but why do people so often think ADHD's mainly about behaviour?

In my experience with the adults who come to me for coaching, it's much more about disorganisation, procrastination, time & task management. What do you think?  What's your biggest problem related to ADHD?  I'd love to hear from you.......why not post a comment about your biggest challenge with ADHD.

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Adult ADHD on YouTube

Have you watched videos on YouTube? I've often seen the funny ones, I love the film of the skateboarding dog... it's amazing! It's frightening how much time you can waste looking at all the videos on YouTube (not something I do when i'm supposted to be working!). I searched ADHD & found many films, some good & some not so good! I came across this one & thought i'd post it as it's a really great piece on Adult ADHD.

What do you think? any other recommendations? (remember also to look for the one with the skateboarding dog!)

Yesterday's Child

Posting the quote today reminded me of this. I first read it over 10 years ago & everyone I've shared it with has loved it (a great one for teachers!). I'm posting it with Janie's permission. Enjoy!


Copyright © 1993, 1999 Janie Bowman All Rights Reserved

YESTERDAY's child was born in the 1800's. As a young boy, he was considered medically fragile. Every respiratory illness known to mankind in that age seemed to seize him. Even though YESTERDAY's child spent many of his early years ill, this did not stop his insatiable curiosity and boyish escapades. TODAY's child would be described as “just being a boy.”

YESTERDAY's child often found himself

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