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Claire "Business Blog Angel" Raikes

Hi Linda
Thanks for dropping by my blog - glad you found the post about commenting useful.

I love this quote you've posted... the concept of 'being authentic' as in 'true to yourself' seems to be popping all over the place for me at the moment.

In my corporate days I used to struggle to play a role that I thought would be best for business. Since I've left all that behind and had the courage to be myself, my work and private life has completely changed - for the better. We are all of us unique and wonderful in our own ways and I celebrate that and urge everyone to drop their masks and be themselves! I am 100% convinced that you will be much, much happier as a result and business will boom as people pick up on your authenticity.

Warmest wishes

Linda Fox

Hi Claire
Thanks for your great comments. So very true, it's so important to be authentic to ourselves. It's when we try to squeeze ourselves into a life that doesn't suit us that we don't thrive.

My clients who build a live around their strengths & passions discover how much better life can be for them.
Linda x

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