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Are you Procrastinating This Week?

Procrastination Did you know it is National Procrastination Week?....the week where the intention is to give ourselves permission to procrastinate & do nothing! Could this be happening to you much of the time by any chance? If you have ADHD it's quite likely that procrastination is a habit easily fallen into. It's something my individual coaching clients frequently need help with & which we work on together. Team work can make all the difference!
I think it's something we all do at times & for various reasons...sometimes it's to avoid something unpleasant, difficult or challenging. Other reasons can be not knowing where (or how) to start, or it can be an element of perfectionism.
Anyway, keep reading for some tips to get you going on your procrastination demons.......
  • Always START off with the task you procrastinate most on (Eat That Frog is a great book by Brian Tracy which is all about this...check out my booklist for details). So always get the day started with the task you most hate to do......the important assignment, cleaning out the kitchen, that important, but difficult, phone call. If you get your procrastination Frog! out of the way first thing in the morning the rest of the day will go so much better!
  • Breaking your day into CHUNKS....15 (or 30) minute blocks of time (using a timer) can be a great way to get stuff done. Even if you just do 15 minutes in the morning of the task you've been avoiding the action of getting started will get you going (& you'll realise it's not as bad as you've expected!). It's amazing what can be done in 15 minutes & once you get started on your project it's likely you will keep going.
  • Break down tasks into bit sized chunks. Make a list of the STEPS you will need to take to reach your end goal. Tackle one task at a time & tick them off the list as you go. Sometimes it's helpful to work on several smaller goals rather than the huge project.
  • Hire me as your coach to help you!


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