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I've love this great scheduling & organising tool

LogoSome of my clients are using a great ADHD management tool & it's currently free to try! I'm registered as a coach with Skoach so clients can share their info with me so we can work together on scheduling & task planning.

Skoach is designed by Kathleen Nadeau PhD & is based on the principles of her bestselling book  ADD - Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life

Skoach is so much more than a scheduler. As well as for keeping track of appointments, it's fantastic for planning & scheduling tasks. It has a "Task Tree" function whereby tasks can be broken down into manageable steps. It's a very visual format, with everything colour coded. There's a function whereby you create a colour coded "template" week which acts as the backdrop to the calendar function. I've been encouraging my clients to make similar templates for a while now so i was impressed to find that Skoach had this facility.

It has a visual timeline which lets you gauge your progress, great for staying on task! It even keeps track of interrupted or unfinished tasks, puts them back in the task list & lets you record last/next action which helps you get back on track quickly.

Skoach adapts well to many organising methods, including GTD, or goal based systems. It even sends you reminders by email (also by text if you live in the USA). You can even email Skoach to add to your task list/schedule.

Anyway, a huge thumbs up from me!  Let me know what do you think (add your comments below or email me!).  Hope you like Skoach as much as I do!



I'm currently going through the process of being diagnosed with adult ADD. I definitely need something to help me with time management but when I look at the Skoach website and click on the 'tour' button, the overwhelming amount of information there showing how the organiser works defeats me before I've even begun. I couldn't even begin to work out how to use it and I've wasted so much time trying to learn how to use organisers, without ever ending up using them that I feel what is much like emotional pain at the prospect of clearing my mind enough to take it in and starting the task.

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